Sunday, February 4, 2018

Open letter to jt

An open letter to Justin Timberlake in response to his halftime show

Dear Justin Timberlake,

As a fellow hipster, white person (that's where our similarities seem to part as I am at poverty level) let me say I understand the fine line that we as white hipsters must tightrope when showing our appreciation of Black culture and music. You seem to have no idea how to maneuver that tight rope or have no desire to. Maybe it is the money? Does your over abundance of money and yes people around keep you blind and deaf to the apparent disrespect that you are showing to prince, his family and the genre of music that you and many like you have ridden the coat tails of?
Prince was anti commercial and his family was against the use of his hologram for the show. I understand that the game took place in his home town and his fans wanted to pay respect. Going against his families wishes show no respect at all. How dare you? Did you and your fancy executives think that showing the equivalent of a middle school science class projection was the way around the definitive no that his family gave this project? Even more insulting. People of color , whether they be famous or not are not here for your ratings. I am disgusted and can only hope that the ghost of Prince haunts you every night . You have disgraced a deceased man's grieving family ...for what? Ratings?
I doubt you will ever read this but if you do . Let this be a reminder , CHECK YOUR PRIVALAGE. I do and I am not in any spotlight. I bet you can afford a really nice spotlight at that . On the off chance you do read this , vaccinate your children guy. I mean come on when you don't vaccinate your children you are putting young babies who are too young for vaccines and people with immune deficiencies at risk . Diseases are coming back thanks to Jenny Mccarthy following anti science people much like you. Believe in Science dude and CHECK YOUR PRIVALAGE once more.
A fan of Prince and Science Kim Sarver

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